Introducing IB in FOREX

In traditional business and trade, there are several types of people who rake in their profits: there are the manufacturers - they are the people who create the products, own large capital and own the production themselves. There are also the advertisers - they are responsible for the information and marketing of the products. They are also responsible to bring the message across the company, the product, and the consumers. Then, there are the distributors. They make money by being transporters. They bring products worldwide and systematically distribute it to reach the consumers. Lastly, there are the retailers. Retailers act as middle men between the manufacturer and the consumers.

Forex, although an eon different from the crude definitions of trade players discussed earlier, works the same. It also has its own middlemen, and they are called the Introducing Brokers or IB, for short. An Introducing Broker could either be an individual or an organization, and they have wide experience and knowledge for their profession. However, do not be caught calling an IB brokering for you. The name may even be a misnomer.

IBs do not generally act as brokers. They are more like advisers on trade related issues and concerns. Hence, actual trade in the market is left to the customer or another party. IBs advise on their clients regarding market analysis of advisory, sales, and marketing. These advices are used by the client for better decision. Some introducing brokers have even offered their services in the internet to reach a broader clientele.

Should you decide to get an Introducing Broker, remember that you are still at full responsibility of your trade decisions. Aside from what has been cited in the preceding paragraph, an IB also offers the following for a client: they do personalized handling of clients and ascertain all of their needs. They also assist new players and traders who open their funding accounts. In most instances, the IB also facilitates sources of funds for the client.

Aside from research and business solutions, IBs also offer technology and marketing solutions to their clients. They create a system for accounting and referral, at the same time chooses the best platform for the client. Daily reports, accounts information may delivered to the client regularly via email.

Depending on your needs and capabilities, you may want to hire an IB to help you. Several authors contend that IBs do not make trade more efficient than doing it the traditional way. However, it remains upon the decision, and solely his decision, should a trader choose to get an IB.

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